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Birding Photography by Ed Swan--all rights reserved

"I enjoy equipping birding enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills needed to better appreciate their natural environment. Whether it's the first time to experience the iridescence of a Green-winged Teal or adding the Marbled Murrelet to a life-list, it's a great pleasure to connect people with beauty through a richer understanding of birds in their natural environment."

Ed Swan, Master Birder, Writer, Bird Guide

Birding Higher

The Swan Company promotes the knowledge and enjoyment of birds in their natural habitat. 

The Swan Company offers bird tours, birding consultation, bird publications, and educational courses to take your birding higher:

  • Guided Tours & Field Trips: experience birds in their natural environment with a Master Birder
  • Consultations: on-site evaluations to catalog bird species and improve birding opportunities at your location
  • Books: about birds in their natural environment 
  • Courses: designed to improve your birding skills