Ed Swan birding in his 'office'   (Photo: Linda Barnes)

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Ed Swan

Master Birder, Writer, and Guide

Ed Swan is a writer, guide, and avid birder.  As a child, he learned to enjoy birds from his grandmother and continued growing his passion as an adult.  Ed refined his birding techniques through decades of observation, identification, and field practice. As an accomplished Master Birder, he observes and records species around the world. 

At The Swan Company, Ed takes birding higher by generously sharing his methods through guided tours, consultations, and courses to help birders advance their skills in identification, documenting, and citizen science.  His rich photography, meticulous observations, and appreciation for the natural history of birds combine in a manner appealing to beginning and accomplished birders alike.  


Ed writes about the natural history of birds.  As Editor for Washington Birds, the journal of the Washington Ornithological Society, he curates literature for the Pacific Northwest.  His sentinel work, The Birds of Vashon Island:  A Natural History of Habitat Transformation, documents the natural history of birds and habitat transformation over a century.  

Ed leads birding tours exploring bird diversity throughout the Puget Sound area, including hot spots such as Mount Rainier, Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge and the Skagit Delta. He has led field trips for Audubon Society chapters and other conservation groups for more than twenty years.  In addition, he offers on-site consultations to help residents identify birds, increase species diversity, improve enjoyment of their natural surroundings.