Red-breasted Nuthatch at a sunflower feeder.   (Photo: Ed Swan)

Consultations make a great gift for a new home-owner!

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Rates:  $50 for Seattle-area; $75 for Vashon-Maury Island, negotiable for other Puget  Sound area sites.

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  What Birds Are Here?

On-site consultations offer opportunities to learn what birds are present, how to attract more diverse species and increase the overall numbers of birds on a property.  This leads to a greater enjoyment and appreciation of the natural environment. 

On-site consultation includes:


  • Identification of the birds present at the site and a listing of possible birds in the property's current situation.
  • A look at the landscape setting of the property to determine habitat types and including ideas for plantings to create shelter and food sources. 
  • Suggestions for providing food and water to increase the number of bird species. 
  • Examination of potential hazards to birds at the location.

After the site visit, the client will receive a written report outlining all findings and suggestions with a step-by-step plan listing options for the location.